On the scout – Utrecht, Netherlands

What a trip!

“Seek and you shall find.”


Alison   Stella   Mr. X   Hella & me behind the scene


The trip from the beginning

  • car rent
  • small prayer, then it went off
  • oops wrong-way driver? HAHA “everthin gonna be alright”
  • once more everything gone well
  • thanks god, jah, jehovah, allah, we are there
  • everyone hungry? Yeas and guess what! Its LUNCHTIME baby!


Although, there still something was! Where the fuck we actually have to go long?”


Our Problem: We have looked for the Pandora Hall.

Oh by the way, it was my fault that we take a while to find it. Why? Cause Ive not really read what stood on our tickets. And told them that I know what we looking for. But what we really search is The TivoliVredenburg. Its a contemporary music complex located in Utrecht, Netherlands.

Our Solution: “He Who Asks A Question Remains A Fool For Five Minutes

He Who Does Not Ask Remains A Fool Forever

Yeas, I know you are right! We simply ask. 😛


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